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Kitchen and house appliances

“TheTruBuy.com is part of a movement to educate people about choices in their lives! We are a community of think-alike bloggers.”

This website is a perfect place for anyone looking to transform their home. Although there is no single appliance, we will help you choose one as per your requirements and budget.


The goal of this website is to provide information and help people to make informed choices regarding home and kitchen appliances. Because of the importance of these appliances in one’s life and household, it becomes very imperative to do extensive research regarding these products before choosing the ideal pick.

All product recommendations are based on independent research and customer reviews. There are no marketing gimmicks or claims. We provide our visitors/readers with unprejudiced and data-driven information in order to make informed choices.


Each one of us wants the best in our lives with respect to buying or upgrading home and kitchen appliances for home improvement; and with so many options available online and offline, it becomes perplexing and overwhelming to make the right choice. To help you with this, we have put together the best options. We want to evolve as the top destination for all information regarding home needs.


We follow strict guidelines when it comes to the articles published on our site. We make sure that business decisions or operations do not affect our discourse.

Each and every article is based on facts to ensure only quality and reliable information is transmitted to our visitors.

Our team of content creators ensures that all our articles are devoid of any biased opinions or subjective information.

We also generally provide comparisons between products of different categories in order for the customer to make an apt choice for a particular product. We provide such comparisons in the form of a comparison table.


In order to provide authentic reviews and feedbacks, we buy the products like a normal customer. We create our content after purchasing the product and based on our use. So, we do not review the products which we have not used ourselves. We feel that honest reviews are what puts us apart from our competitors.

We are passionate people who have solutions to all your problems or doubts related to your choices. The sole purpose of this website is to help people lead a joyful and exuberant life and be aware of the life’s choices available to them.

Here, we give in-depth insight to our visitors/users about anything and everything related to one’s lifestyle encompassing household and kitchen products.